Classic Girl Tee More Girly Tee
Front Emblem Back Writing
Men's Standard Tee available in L & XL

The story behind it:
One day in the studio while making my new album, after hours of non stop work and attention to detail that had everyone glazed over like a Krispy Kreme, Don Was (producer) stands up and says "okay, everyone... let's stretch, caffeinate and rock." It was so simple and worked so well, because we did in fact, come back and rock, that I made shirts for the album team as a thank you gift. There were only 11 at first but every wearer of that original run has been stopped and asked about the shirt. It turns out "stretch, caffeinate and rock" can apply to and inspire anyone who's felt the glaze, the thought jam, the crispiness that comes with working too hard for too long at any task. I figured there needed to be more than 11 of us walking around with all the answers so I had a bunch more printed up.

Set yourself free:
Get the blood flowing again, enjoy a nice espresso, coffee, tea or chocolate break while looking at something other than a computer screen and then come back to it and, yes, rock. It's effective, it's legal and it just feels good.